Modern Quick Link Web Part attached file preview get apply to page thumbnail

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Hi All,

I have followed below steps to reproduce issue:

1. Create a site pages

2. Add Quick Link web part

3. Go to document library and copy link of document using 'Copy Link'


4. Click on 'Add Link'

5. Select 'From Link' and paste copied link






6. Save page and click on the Page details


In the page details attached Quick link preview gets added as page thumbnail. Default image should be shown instead. I think this is OOTB issue, @SharePointTeam - Please look into that issue and let us know the workaround.


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Siddheshwar Kohale

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Edit: Nevermind I read this wrong, ignore that :). 

Ok, so a fix for this is coming, and actually already live in Targeted release tenants. You can customize the page template once this lands in your tenant. Currently how it's always worked is it would grab the first image it could find on a page and use it as the thumbnail. But once this gets in it'll no longer be an issue. 


See Screenshot from my targeted release tenant.