Mobe Outlook Online folders to new user?

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I want to copy a set of   UserA Outlook Online email folders to UserB with a Outlook Online setup.  I need to move about 20GB of data so prefer not to use Outlook 2016 desktop.  Are there other MS or third party software that will move or copy emails between users? They are in the same Office 365 tenant and domain.



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Hi E July,

If it is an 100% Online migration within the same Office 365 Tenant then, for a third party tool, I would recommend MigrationWiz by BitTitan.

Licence is approximately £10 / $15 to move, as its all online it'll be zero touch and all you'll need is the username and password of the mailboxes (or a mailbox with impersonation rights over the mailboxes which you can set in Exchange Online). You can choose to migrate the whole mailbox or just a subset of folders with filters in the advanced options. The team are also really responsive. Moved about 100,000 users in my time with this tool.

Hope this helps. Migration tools are really subjective and there are others you may want to look into such as SkyKick and Binary Tree. I am recommended MigrationWiz from my personal experience, ease and fidelity. Others in the community will have their own opinions based on their own experiences.

Hope that answers your question! Thanks for raising this to the community and I hope to answer more of your questions soon.

Best, Chris

No need for third-party tools, you can do this with native Exchange functionality. Search-Mailbox is an easy way, however it cannot target just specific folders, so it might be hard to filter out just the messages you want copied. A bit more advanced method is to use EWS, in particular this script that handles most such scenarios: