Missing Publish to Microsoft Stream in Powerpoint 2016

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Hi there


MS Stream is activated in the license but I don't see it when I go for File, export.


Any hint?


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OK. Thanks. I think we're nearly there as I see you mentioned you're also signed into OneDrive - Personal. As I mentioned a few posts above, on that same screen Files -> Account, under User Information, this must be your Office 365 account. If you have a user account with the same email address for OneDrive Personal and OneDrive Work this can be tricky to determine which is which.

You may need to sign out and sign back in or Switch account using the links under User Information.

I am signed in to PowerPoint as my work account(official E5 licensed Office 365 account). I have all the time been signed as my work account - Not my personal account (they are very different emails). I am also signed in on my computer as my work account.

In Powerpoint I have all the time been able to see under account; user information: my work account email address (and of course my name :-))

Today I removed the service "oneDrive personal" and closed powerpoint. Then I opend again with no change.  

No change to the customize ribbon - still the same as yesterday. No change to the Recording tab - same options as yesterday.

I will reboot later - don't have the time right now :) and see if it helps.

Well done for persisting. It looks like it's not a usual issue I've encountered yet. I'm interested to see how it is resolved as it could well be an issue that crops up for many of the institutions I work with.

I'm clutching at straws here but could it be the region and language you're using may not be supported? I'm in UK with English UK.

I am in Denmark, but I have english menus in office - I also seem to remember that I set my Office 365 language settings to English (not sure if it is US or UK...) So in my appliactions and in Office 365 my language is English. 

Perhaps I just need to wait... Even though I think Stream Publish should have rolled out by now.

Thanks for trying to help @Philemon Burney.

I will try again Monday and see what happens, because I really would love to have that option in PowerPoint :)

Hello Everyone,

I went to the help counter at a Microsoft store in Boston.  They also could not figure out why I didn't have the "publish to Microsoft Stream" in PowerPoint 2016.  They suggested I email the problem to Microsoft support but nobody from Microsoft answered me.


My school's MIS dept also doesn't know why our teachers can't get it on their computers either.

Hi All,


Yesterday I got my update channel changed to Monthly (it used to be semi-annual) and I also got an update of my office so I now have Version 1809 (Build 10827.20181 Chck-to-Run). Now I see the Stream option. So perhaps the version with the option is NOT the one sited by MS, but rather 1809 :\



You got it sorted! Hooray! Thanks for sharing the resolution.

Hey hey!! I just read the whole thread, but still couldn't solve. I was able to see the "publish to stream" option before but now is just gone. I do see it under customize the ribbon, and I am also signed with my O365 account. Also, I do have the 1805 PP version. Therefore, really no clue what I am missing. Any ideas on how I could troubleshoot?

I looked to see if it's in my version of Office and it was, after saving a document to OneDrive for Business it appeared a few seconds afterwards, admittedly this is on the latest version of PowerPoint, 1902.

i had a meeting with microsoft yesterday about Stream and they mentioned being able to publish from PPT. i didnt have it, so i read through this thread and i am not able to find it anywhere. i'm on version 1808 of PPT and i dont have it as an option under the customize ribbon/export. i am the admin of stream so i was really wanting to use this feature. hoping we get it enabled soon.