Missing Files Following Transfer

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I recently was forced to purchase a MacBook Pro after dropping my two-month old MacBook.  My I.T. skills are extremely limited, but I give it my best shot and prefer to do things on my own when I can...


When it came time to add Office 365 on my new MacBook, everything seemed to work smoothly.  However, when I went to my Excel and Word files, only about 20% appeared.  It looked like files I accidentally saved in some form of iCloud space or something were the ones that I still have.


QUESTION: where are the rest of my Excel and Word files? How do I get them on my new computer without having to purchase additional equipment or going to see some specialist.  Keep in mine, my previous laptop is so damaged that the screen is blank when it turns on, and sometimes it does not even power on - it is quite the mess.


Any guidance is much appreciated.  Some of these files are very important.  Thank you!


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