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Hi one of the external users mails are going to different folder other than coming into inbox & after few seconds the email is not visible at all. this is happening with only one of the external users emails i did check there is no rule created. i have searched inbox, archive but i could not find the missing email. how do i trace this missing email and how do i make sure that this mail comes to inbox folder.

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Does the issue reproduces if the Outlook client is closed and only OWA is opened (have you tried search in OWA)? have you tried disabling all outlook rules and third party add-ins? or run Outlook in safe mode? 


For your questions "do i make sure that this mail comes to inbox folder". You can use the message trace from the Exchange Admin Center.




Who else has access to the mailbox and has the rule been created under their account?

You could also turn on auditing for that mailbox for full logging of what is happening, if your O365 license supports it (eg E3).


mailbox auditing is enabled. how do i check. can you plz guide me