Missing data in Excel maps

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I’m trying to create maps over Sweden using municipality names. It’s a brilliant feature and the maps are looking great with one little caveat - it’s missing one municipality which results in one area in Sweden being labeled with missing data (specifically it’s a municipality called Härnösand). I’ve tried all possible names and so has our tech support to no avail. What can I do to fix this? Or is it on the Bing Maps end so they’ll need to add the missing municipality to their list of Swedish municipalities?


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@GeorgM I have the very same problem, adding also a communality called Mark. All works perfect with the exception for Härnösand and Mark.

I have checked GeoNames and there is data about both.

So why are they missing in the map?

Your question was posted almost a year ago. No feedback so far?



I’m sorry to say that I never got a reply. I also tried to get the organisation I'm working for to get in touch with Microsoft but that hasn't led anywhere either. Regarding Marks Kommun, it’s a case of possessive form regarding Mark, it should in other words say Marks instead of Mark. This however does solve Härnösand. I ended up using another program that was better suited to do this than Excel.

@GeorgM It is never too let to give in, obviously . Thanks for sharing your experience.

@GeorgM I have the same problem. Härnösand works fine, but neither Mark nor Marks. 

Although now I just found that "Marks kommun" works!