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Hey I did a clean wipe of my wifes computer last night and went to reinstall  office 365 as a part of her DET login and I keep getting this i have also tried on a few computers even when trying to view the 







any help would be great how does she contact her administrator when its a massive department


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That error is to do with how the organisation has enabled authentication for Office 365, it’s a problem probably only they can fix, though it's always worth trying a different browser to see if that makes a difference. 


Contact the DET help desk, if that’s something you can find and mention these ‘ADFS errors’ with those screenshots and they can investigate.  If it's a widespread issue they could be aware of it already and it may just start working again when fixed.

Cian is correct,
You have to talk to your IT people and tell them the error you are having in the ADFS login page so they can investigate.