Migration question regarding when to verify domain

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Hello everyone,


I am in the process of doing a G Suite to Office 365 migration using Skykick. 

My question WHEN I am suppose to verify the domains been migrated? Can I verify the domain on the destination tenant without any impact on the source?


Thank you all in advance. ;)

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Hi, unlike tenant to tenant migrations, in a G Suite to O365 migration you may add and verify ownership of the domain with a TXT record at any time.  Just be careful not to add or verify the crucial MX and other DNS records until you are ready to complete your cutover.


Also important to point out that if your Office 365 tenant has other domains already present which need to email the users on the domain you are migrating in, then you will need to set the domain as internal relay once it's been verified and create a mail connector to ensure emails are routed from O365 back to the Gmail mailboxes whilst you are in the process or carrying out your mailbox syncs.  If this is a new O365 tenant with no existing users or domains however, then you don't need to do this.

@PeterRising My situation is exactly how you described at the ed of your msg. Could you point me out on how to configure this connector? I would appreciate it. Thank you for your quick repply.

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So, after you've added and verified the domain, set it to internal relay in Accepted Domains, then you will need to create a connector along the lines of;


Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 14.14.36.png




Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 14.15.45.png



Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 14.16.06.png



Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 14.16.58.png


When you save the connector, test it out by sending an email from an existing O365 domain mailbox to the domain you are migrating in.  The mail should reach the Gmail account rather than the new O365 account.


When you have completed the migration, don't forget to remove the connector and set the domain back to Authoritative.


Alternatively, if you wanted to avoid the hassle of creating the connector, you could create the target accounts with a address only whilst you are syncing the mailboxes, and plan to add the domain to O365 when you are completing the cutover.  


Either way will work.

Thank you very much @PeterRising for you explanation. I actually got on the first time, Eneed up searching myself on howto.