Migration of Intermedia Mailbox to office 365

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Has anyone done Migration of Intermedia Mailbox to office 365?


If yes what should be our approach?


They have a total of 13 mailboxes on Intermedia, Total Data 35 GB of data in the mail. 

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Best contact Intermedia support and see what options they have available. You can always do a manual export/import for just 13 mailboxes, but there might be a more direct approach available.

@Umesh Pandit PST Migration may be, 35 gb is not much a data . Right ?


Yes 35gb data is not so much,however I need to correct approach

I just did one leveraging bittitan...super smooth.
1. Stand up O365 tenant
2. Add users
3. Configure setting, do pre-stage migration
4. Update DNS
5. Monitor both mailboxes, make sure all mail starts coming into O365
6. Wait 48-72 hrs to insure dns updates
7. Do final migration

I believe intermedia is a hosted exchange. You can assign intermedia admin account full permission on all the mailboxes. OR ask imtermedia to assign admin account Impersonation rights. Then you should be able to create a endpoint on O365 for cutover migration. The 35 GB of data is not an issue to migrate.

Once the mailboxes are synced, point MX and other DNS records to O365 and configure outlook profile.