Migration of email from Godaddy to MS 365 Business Slandered

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Hi Microsoft team

I need help for Email shifting migration from Godaddy to MS 365 Business Slandered.

We want to buy it directly from Microsoft

Kindly help


Thanks regards

Amol Mahadik



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Hi, if you are talking about a Go Daddy Office 365 tenant, then you will need a third party tool such as BitTitan MigrationWiz in order to migrate any mailboxes, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams content to your new Microsoft 365 tenant.


You will then need Go Daddy support to unfederate your domains from their tenant and then remove then so you are able to add them into your new tenant.  I just completed such a migration and whilst Go Daddy support is crucial, and timings of syncs and domain transfers must be carefully planned, this is not too much more challenging than a normal tenant to tenant migration.


I would recommend speaking to Go Daddy as your first step to let them know what you are planning to do, and then selecting your migration tool and planning to sync across your mailboxes and documents.

@PeterRisingHi, Thanks for your reply,

I want to shift only the basic email hosting from Go Daddy to Microsoft 365 Business Stranded.

Can you please send me important steps for the same.

Many Thanks!



Amol Mahadik



Hi, this is not within the scope of this forum I'm afraid.  I would suggest that you reach out to Go Daddy support and ask for their guidance with this.