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Hi Experts

I am migrating onprem users to cloud, in every migration batch i have 50 users.
lets say user1 is in migration batch1 and user2 is in batch2. i have csv file in the below format.



I want to import this csv file and get the users status. Experts help me powershell syntax to get the below information
Identity Status(sync) Items Synced, ItemsSkipped
user1 Synced
user2 Failed

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@Roger Roger  


You dont have to import CSV just for 2 users , if it had been multiple or say 20-30 at a time you wanted to check and export to showcasem then probably it would be better (Your choice !!)


You can simple paste 2 liner command and this should be good enough


Get-migrationuserstatistics user1@domain.com | Select Identity , Status , ItemsSynced, ItemsSkipped 


same way for User 2 as well


Cheers !!

Ankit Shukla