Migrating office365 users to new tenant

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I need to get users who are in O365 E3 from an existing tenant to a new one. The issue is, when I am done migrating their mailboxes, how to I join them to the NEW domain automatically. I do not want them to do it or have people running around disjoining and rejoining. 


Is there an automated way, or tool that can disjoin a computer from an existing Azure domain and log them onto a new one?

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What exactly do you mean by "joining them to the new domain"? Azure AD join? Join to an on-premises domain? Something else altogether?

These are 365 users, not onprem users.

If i migrate them from tenant to another, what happens when they log into their computer? Do they need to disconnect from the current organizations and added to the new one?
Here is a detail explanation. I have 500 users on 365 using F1 & E3 licenses.
I need to separate each 100 to their own tenant.
  1. However, 5 bosses need to keep their access across all tenants to be able to access the sharepoint sites for the documents.
  2. I do not want users to need to rejoin their organization when they log in after the move. How do I automatically migrate the computers to the new organization.