Migrating of sharepoint online site from one tenant to another



I was reading about options to migrate sharepoint online site from one tenant to another tenant. Is it possible to do it using third party tool or please suggest any other approach and what are the things that we need to consider.




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Indeed, I recommend you to do this move using a third party tool...I have done this several times using Sharegate, but other migration tools (Metalogix to name an additional one) allows you to do this move. The other way around is write custom code to replicate your site in the destination tenant
Thanks Carlos, Will the metadata of author retained as the domain changes from one tenant to other.
You will need to have the user in both tenants so created by and modified by metadata are preserved....if not, you will need to map this metadata to a generic user in your destination tenant

+1 for Sharegate - it's a powerful tool.

I have done this using Sharegate, brilliant tool and highly recommended

I also want to recommend AvePoint Online Service for your purpose, it is a powerful platform which you can benefit a lot.
Could you provide a link to have the custom code to migrate the site to another tenant.
Most of the search are limited to SharePoint pages without content.