Migrating from Office 365 E3 & Intune to Microsoft 365. Is it worth it?


I run the IT for a small but demanding business of 15 people.
To date we have been using Office 365 E3 which gets them MS Office Pro Plus. We also subscribe to Intune which provides Windows 10 licenses which we mostly use in VMs (All user clients are Apple Macs).
Looking at Microsoft 365 subscription it appears to combine these two for a slightly lower price.
So I was wondering if it is worthwhile for us to purchase Microsoft 365 E3 and migrate from Office 365 E3 and Intune.
Will I lose any functionality.
I've asked Microsoft via Office 365 Support but they were not very helpful. In fact, they didn't understand my question.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

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That's a good question, so with Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3, you have the same Office 365 E3 functions as you do now plus Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E3, all combined into one offering.  You should not lose any features but you would gain the full EMS suite E3, which if you want to use later it's there like Azure Information Protection P1 and Azure Active Directory Premium 1.

You won't lose anything. What you'll have to do is basically purchase the M365 E3's. Move everyone to them. Then cancel your Office 365 E3's. You won't lose anything in this transition of the license.

Also keep in mind, Intune doesn't give you windows 10 licenses. The M365 E3 gives you the actual Enterprise upgrade sku. which requires Windowns Pro. installed already and Windows Server Cals as part of Intune in EMS.

what about from office 365 e3 to m365 business this one has Intune does this one works I try with my client on trial m365 business run into some problems 1.you have to uninstall office that is install and then login to portal and then install from m365 business that work for office but Intune does not show up yet put a call to Microsoft Intune any thought on this I appreciated