Migrate very large (100+ GB) in-place archive to G Suite

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We are primarily using Office 365 Business Premium. One of our users has a very large (around 108 GB) in-place archive and would like to migrate that (just the archive, not the entire mailbox) to a G Suite mailbox.


I can create a PST using Outlook, but I've read that PST files have some sort of a 50 GB limit.


Any other options? I just need a way to extract the in-place archive to something that can be imported into G Suite.


Thank you!

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You can do a content search from Security & compliance portal and download it to a PST.

I've created a script a few years ago that can help you as well: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Exchange-Create-a-PST-of-a-6441e4f8