Migrate only one email from a domain to office365

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I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this question, but is it possible to migrate only one email hosted elsewhere to office365?
Thank you in advance

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Sure. You're probably looking at an IMAP or PST upload. Or as it's only one account, a user could do it themselves just using the Outlook desktop client. Your options depend on the specifics of your user's current email.

@Ru Thank you for your answer. To clarify our needs:

We are a very small company with our domain and emails hosted in a different service provider. As we have some Office 365 licenses (not for every user), we would like to host some emails in Office 365. When i connect our domain to office 365, i believe all our email traffic is directed to office 365, and therefore not every users receive their emails.

Thank you in advanced.

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You are correct in assuming that if you change the MX record of your domain to M365 then all email , by default , will get sent to to M365 and not to the other service. It is possible to do some more complicated configurations with routing etc but you probably dont want to be getting into that so so possible solutions would be :


-  Configure a subdomain and have that running for O365 and your main one in the first email service (or the other way around)

or a bit more complex but enabling all users to use the same domain

- Configure a sub domain for your current email service, Switch the main domain to O365 , use what licenses you have for some users and for the non licensed users set them up as mail enabled contacts (this doesnt require a licence) so that mail sent to those addresses goes to your other email service subdomain addresses. Configure your subdomain address clients to be allowed to 'send as' the main domain and set the reply address  as main domain address