Migrate on premise user account on Office 365

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We have Hybrid environment (exchange server 2010). We create user in AD on Hybrid server and then migrate manually on O 365. Is there any way that we dont have to migrate user manually ? Can it be synced automaticallly on O 365?

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Hi, do you mean when you are creating a new user completely, or migrating an existing user from Exchange On-premises to Exchange Online?


If it's a brand new user, you may create it straight into Exchange Online, but you must do this from the Exchange 2010 Management Console by selecting the option of New Remote Mailbox.  Make sure you create the new object in an AD OU that is being targeted for sync to O365, and then once created and synced, you may licence you new  Office 365 user object.


If you are asking about the process of migrating existing mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online, you will need to create a remote mailbox move for a single mailbox, or a migration batch.  You have a lot of control over these migration jobs but you cannot completely automate them.


Also, it is worth mentioning that if you have Office 365 Enterprise licences, then you qualify for a free hybrid licence key for Exchange 2016. It is definitely worth upgrading your hybrid to Exchange 2016 if you can as the features are a lot smoother and up to date.

Do you mean the mailbox? You need to create the users on-premises and then they will be synced to Azure Ad! You can provision the mailbox directly in Exchange Online when you create the user though! For example: