Migrate local Shared Drive contents to O365 and get experience like One drive

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we are looking for a solution, so that we can migrate all shared drive contents from our local network to O365 online. we already migrated personal contents to One drive and users are very happy with the Online UI. so we are looking something similar behavior for local Shared drive contents too. FYI, we could migrate all documents to SharePoint online document libraries department wise but problem is whey they will sync they need to sync all the contents and also UI doesn't look alike One Drive. so how we can achieve our goal in that case for all our local Shared drive contents? how other organizations migrating their Shared drive contents to O365?


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Have you seen what the free Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool can do? It's definitely worth checking out for migrations to SharePoint Online!


It can migrate file shares to SharePoint Online and is quite capable though there are plenty of 3rd party solutions available that can do even more like ShareGate: 




You can then Sync SharePoint files with the new OneDrive sync client as needed.

Sorry, my question was how we could get same behavior like one drive for Corporate Shared drives, not the migration toll though. all i want to know what all other organization doing for large local shared drive contents once they go to O365?

You use SharePoint, it’s literally almost the same UI and code base. If it looks different the sites you’ve used or seen may be using the old classic design.

You can setup a site and use the document library on the site as your repository. You can sync and use the library exactly the same.

The biggest current gap between onedrive and SharePoint is files restore but usually you wouldn’t use that on a shared library but the functionality is coming in the near future.

SharePoint Teams sites and document libraries are how you do that, it offers a similar experience to OneDrive for group collaboration.  


What is a SharePoint team site?


What is a document library?


Worth checking the related resources on the SharePoint help center.