Migrate file server to SharePoint online using SharePoint Migration Tool V2

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Dear All,


We planning to migrate file server(50GB) to SharePoint Online using SharePoint Migration Tool V2.


We have done the POC and it's working properly. Before we start the migration we have few questions, please find below.

1. Total file size is 50 GB, Is it possible to migrate using SharePoint Migration Tool V2 ?

2. This tool free of cost ?

3.  Is it Possible to migrate all the files in single task ?


Thanks in advance.




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Hi Tamilmani,
My 2 cents:
1. Yes, you can migrate 50 GB of data to SPO using SharePoint Migration Tool.
2. Yes, no cost.
3. I don't see any issues on migrating 50 GB of data in a single task.

Dear Juan,


Thanks for update. We will follow the same tool and get back to you if we have any doubts.