Microsoft Whiteboard App not available

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Microsoft announced that their Whiteboard Preview App for Windows 10 is available and when you click on the download link it doesn't work.  Come on Microsoft, what gives?  Also, why won't it integrate with the current Surface Hub Whiteboard app?  Why do you have to download, when available, a different whiteboard app for the Surface Hub?whiteboardapperror1.PNG

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Hi Jeffrey, I also can't download the app and I know other people that have been trying to download it since yesterday, so this must be a general issue that needs to be fixed.  On the SurfaceHub front, good news (buried in the FAQ:(


Is this the same as the whiteboard app currently running on SurfaceHub?


No, the whiteboard app on SurfaceHub specifically caters to large-screen scenarios. We plan to bring together these two experiences in a single app when Microsoft Whiteboard comes out of Preview and becomes generally available in a few months.

In the meantime, SurfaceHub users can download the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview and use it alongside their existing whiteboard app.


In other words, these two apps will be brought together at some point post GA, sounds like Q1/Q2 2018 but we will know more when GA presumably.

@Cian Allner, thanks for the reply.  Good to know the two apps on the Hub are coming together.  We have two of them, one in each of our two offices and they are getting used a lot so glad to hear that.  Hope the app is available for download soon as I'd like to test before roll out.  I've already enabled it for our tenant.

I see the download link from the Microsoft Store now works.  I downloaded to my Surface Pro and also downloaded the preview on one of the Surface Hubs and tested!

Thanks for the heads up, the download link indeed works now, which is great.  Looking forward to trying it out.  Good to hear the Surface Hubs are working out well for you guys, they look like fantastic devices!

With us having two offices in two different states, these devices have become key in collaboration and bring the two offices together.  They work well and looking forward to this new Whiteboard app being a key piece along with the other features such as SfB.