Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Permission denied: 'CreateObject'

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Hello All,


I am facing the permission denied 'Create Object' Issue while running as a generic user.


Please help how can I overcome the below issue on priority.

'Getting latest uvin from "buildpath\..\..\excel\test.xlsx"'
Buildpath\test.vbs(28, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Permission denied: 'CreateObject'

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Please let me know what should be the steps to fix the error and see the below steps I have tried to fix the issue.
1. Provided permission to the office 16 folder to the generic user.
2. Tried to run manually the vbscript then i got the below error
Microsoft VBScript runtime error:

Hello, @balajimandavathe information you have provided is not enough to give an answer.


Still, I will try to provide you with several tips that can help solve the problem.


The first reason may be related to the antivirus or your organization's security policy.


The second - check your permissions before running any scripts. User Account Control can be the reason for the problem. Here you can find a step-by-step guide to troubleshoot the problem. If that does not help, try to find the answer in this thread.


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