Microsoft Teams - No Video if 'Guest' joins meeting first

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We've been starting to use Microsoft Teams the past few weeks and have noticed something odd. 


If we setup a Teams Meeting with an external recipient and the external recipient joins the meeting first from an Android device (they use the 'join as guest' option) they do not have the option to turn on their video.


If the host of the meeting, joins the meeting first, the option to turn the video on/off is available for the external recipient joining the teams meeting as guest is available.


Is there some setting that we are missing that could allow external recipients to turn video on/off even if they join the meeting before the host?

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Hello, I am certain this will assist you as the information is excellent.
As you will see you can adjust many settings, such as video, and control these with policies. There’s also a section with reference to ”participants and guests” explaining the behavior for anon users with an authenticated user present or not, and how you can adjust them. This is important to highlight btw. ”Meeting participants who don't have any policies assigned (for example, anonymous and federated participants) inherit the policy of the meeting organizer.”
If the behavior you described only happens on Android devices you can ignore my reply (then I have no clue). Cheers!