Microsoft Supported Method for Exchange Online Bulk Export

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I have a requirement to off-board mail data for a reasonably large number of users (but not all users) from Office 365 to a separate on-premise Exchange organization.


From searching forums/internet there is no way to use Exchange PowerShell cmdlets for Exchange Online to export straight to a .pst file.


The three methods that  come up frequently are e-Discovery/compliance search, Exchange Hybrid Deployments and 3rd Party tooling.


While the e-Discovery method works well, doing so for more than a handful of users is very time consuming.  I have read online that the Exchange Hybrid Deployment is the only method supported by Microsoft to bulk export from Office 365.


Can anyone confirm if a Hybrid Exchange Organization is the only way to export lots of users in an automated fashion? Is there any documentation to support this statement?

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Hybrid off-boarding is indeed the only "supported" method Microsoft offers. I don't recall seeing any "official" statement on this, but there's a very detailed guidance on the whole process here, in case you need it: