Microsoft Servers Slow download & upload ONLY on my network...HELP!!!!

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Hello there!


I'm experiencing a super weird issue, and this is that I have 100 mbps symmetric internet speed, and when I try to download anything, from OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, Stream or whatever app you call it, the download speeds are less than 400 kbp/s, then, when I download something from other serves, my speed is over 7 Mbp/s.... this happens on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, my wife's computers and my ISP computer too...


I've already raised a ticket with my ISP and with the company I work for, and we don't know what might be happening, has anyone had this issue or got any info that may help my case???


Important: I have downloaded the same files with the same account in a different location in a top speed of 10mbp/s, so, there's no download or upload limit.

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@CharlieArellano I came across your post while investigating exactly the same issue! I've got a good and reliable broadband connection here at home but anything to do with downloading or opening documents that are on Teams / SharePoint / OneDrive is painfully slow (everything else is lightning fast.)


I've connected directly via ethernet into my router / modem to rule out any wi-fi issues (which are often blamed) and the issue persists. Connecting to my company's VPN does make a significant difference (from 70 kbps to 600 kbps download speed from SharePoint) but it is still considerably short of my available top speed (60 mbps). 


If I connect via my phone's 4G connection, this is even better at 1.8 mbps. 


It's so weird and has left me wondering whether my ISP is deliberately throttling this kind of traffic. Can't think why they would though...


This is some time later, but a client had a similar situation with OneDrive yesterday. Tracked the problem down to ... rebooting the router. Fixed it right off. Had already spent hours uninstalling and reinstalling OneDrive, resetting OneDrive, resetting the network adapter on the machine. ONLY had trouble downloading files from OneDrive. Web or app. Strangest thing.