Microsoft Secure Score checks

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Does the Microsoft Secure Score only currently check 14 settings, or am I getting a fairly limited view of the results due to my permissions (Global Reader).  I have accessed the system via - but I was maybe expecting it would be checking dozens of settings across the various areas of a 365 tenant, e.g. AAD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online.


If I go to 'improvement actions', having removed any filters in place on the results, there are 14 improvement actions listed, even though some are marked as 'completed'. So is that the entirety of the secure score checks, 14 tests, or does is do more checking then what I can currently view? Or does an admin have to configure what the secure score app checks your tenant for, and therefore the current 14 results are just those the admin has selected?


I assume the tool is checking your configurations in real-time, and an administrator cannot simply tick "completed" for an action to take it off the to do list.

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It depends on the services you use within O365/M365, as in the license type. I have about 33 in an E5 tenant, M365 E5 tenants will have up to 60.
There is a bug, since 03/17/21 all identity checks have disappeared, for our part we have opened a support ticket and they should be working on it since it is a general error