Microsoft Office 365 Work Account Issues/Outlook app not opening on computer

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I just started a new job at what I shall call “business” and I got an accompanying outlook email to go with it, let’s call it “”. The account that I have is a part of an Office 365 Family package (family because the business is very small). From the start, I was having trouble accessing the email. The goal for me was to access the email in 3 different ways: online, from the outlook app downloaded on my computer, and from my phone. Initially, the email was working from the Outlook app pre-downloaded onto my computer. I did not have to log into it or anything, so I do not necessarily know the email/password combo used in that situation. Initially, I didn’t question it because, why would I? It worked.

Next, I attempted to access the account online on (in the event I didn’t have access to the computer). This is where things get weird. My boss gave me a password, let’s call it “password 1” and I tried to log in with it and I successfully logged in…to SOMETHING, but I don’t think it was the right account (ironically, I am currently using this dummy account to make this post). First of all, my outlook email was completely blank, with no company emails, and it would not receive any new emails sent to Secondly, any email sent from that account showed as some strange amalgamation of numbers and letters, as opposed to being from However, when I went to account settings, it appeared as though the email did correspond to the company account.

To see if I could access my actual email, I then tried signing into Office 365 (googled office 365 and clicked the first link) to see if that would be any different, and it was the same situation.

I gave up on that temporarily and switched to trying to figure it out on my phone. I downloaded the outlook app and attempted to set up the email there. Long story short, I initially did not figure it out on my phone because I didn’t know if it was POP3 or IMAP, and when I tried “password 1” for both it failed. My boss gave me a second password, “password 2”, which worked (eventually). I tried logging in on the Gmail app, and that eventually worked as well. One thing to note: they had the accounts set up such that I could see email correspondences from the person who was previously employed in my position. All these emails showed up when I set it up on Gmail, but not on Outlook; weird.

Now that my phone was working, I tried to go back and use “password 2” to log in online, and it failed, I can only log in with “password 1”, which seems to be sending me to some dummy account.

My next attempted solution was to go into the outlook app downloaded on my computer (the one that worked) and click on its account settings. However, it redirected me to office on the web, which again, I couldn’t log into with “password 2”.

My next attempted solution was to change my password. I changed “password 1” to “password 3” and it, once again, failed to change anything. However, now I have a new issue (which may or may not be related to me changing my password). All of my apps (word, excel, outlook) started prompting me to update my account information (probably due to me changing my password), so I logged in through one of those apps (word) with “password 3” even though I knew it was a dummy. It worked to get rid of the prompts, but now, the outlook app on my computer doesn’t even open. I click it, double click it, nothing. So now I only have access to my work email from my phone, and that’s it.

Any knowledge or assistance on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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An update: To make this post, I had to create an account here. I used the "dummy email" which doesn't receive any emails and has a strange combination of letters and numbers to make the account. However, I received a notification of my creation of this account on my legitimate email, not the dummy one. So the accounts must be connected in some way.