Microsoft Improves Labels for Planner Tasks. More Upgrades On the Way



Microsoft has updated task labels in the Office 365 Planner app to make the labels more accessible and obvious (and therefore more useful). Changes due to arrive soon include an increase in the number of labels from six to 25, more intelligent attachments, and an upgrade to the Teams integration to allow tasks be created from chats and conversations.

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Hello @Tony Redmond,


Hope this finds you well.  When we will be able to expect the ability to make a task recurring (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).  I'm afraid that the lack of this functionality is really hampering my organizations appetite for this app at this time.  Most all of our task are of this nature and having recurring functionality would take a lot of the administrative burden that we are currently experiencing trying to maintain an up to date board.  





@geoffma1635 As I don't work for Microsoft, I can't comment when they might introduce something like the feature you're looking for. However, as Planner has a Graph API, you could investigate writing some custom code to do what you want.

@Tony Redmond 




do you know when the 25 labels will be released?


Thank you.