Microsoft Forms response data is split in multiple files

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I have created a excel form online using We have more than 5000 entries there. Now when I try to open the reponses in excel, the data is getting split in multiple files. First file has upto record 5000 and the second one has the remaining.

Please can anyone tell me the reason for this? Is there a setting that needs to be changed? Do I need to clear the form responses after a certain limit?


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The limit used to be 5000 and now it says 50000

However it might still split them out or because you created before the update maybe it’s set to 5000 on that form on the back end.

I had also read the limits before I created and form and it mentioned 50000. Its strange it is splitting it out now. I understand the only option I may have is to clear the responses and save in offline file.