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Hi there, 

Hopefully I've posted this in the correct place.


We are due to replace all of our computers/notebooks and I would like to use Microsoft Forms as an easy way to collate the responses from departmental managers as to what PC hardware they'd like their employees to have. 


I'd like to use a Likert to enable them to select Laptop, 2-in-1, Docking station etc, Desktop etc but I notice that on a Likert you can only choose one option. Is there a setting to make it possible to select more than one optiono on each row?

I tried using the 'Choice' option, but this does not give me the results in the way that I would want in that I cannot get it to show the amount of each device that is required, it merely shows a summary for each employee. 


If anyone has any suggestions for me so that I can send out a list of hardware requirements, and view the results in a format where I can see the number of each device type I'd really appreciate some help. 


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Hi JamesLK,

Multiple choices on the Likert is a limitation of Forms. There are several uservoices open for it here

Would recommend you vote on them to push them up the agenda.

Forms is still a relatively new and simple app and so there is still some development work to be done to get the functionality you would like. I understand that choices aren’t an option here.

A form in SharePoint, PowerApps or a more mature third party forms app which integrates with MicrosoftTeams such as SurveyMonkey should do what you need it to do. These are all alternative options.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Appreciate the response Chris. 

Yes I've noticed that there are quite a few other limitations too, and I've come to the conclusion that is isn't suitable for much in its current guise. 


Thanks for taking the time to give me some alternatives, I'll look in to those right away. 

Have a great day