Microsoft Enters the Backup Business with a New Syntex Service



Microsoft plans to deliver a new Pay As You Go (PAYG) backup and restore service as part of their Syntex content management suite. It's a big change for Microsoft because they've never delivered backup and restore services for Microsoft 365 before. Although the code isn't available yet, Microsoft has given some hints about what they might deliver. The services covered include Exchange and SharePoint, but there's no mention of Teams... and we wonder if the new service can handle some of the complexities of backup and restore in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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@Tony Redmond 

Hello, Tony Redmond, thank you for a great update, I liked the point that it's not ok to put all your data-eggs in one basket.


Actually, I believe that in the future they will do their best to provide a fast and affordable backup solution, but some period of time should go to test and to work on all bugs.


As well I am not sure if Microsoft Teams backup will be included. Let me know if you know anything about this.