Microsoft Authenticator not auto-backing up 2FA accounts I add on Adroid.

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How often does the Android Microsoft Authenticator App refresh the backups? 


I added accounts about 3 hours ago but the backup date is much older. Does the app auto-backup? I have to turn back-up OFF and ON again to force it to back up the new accounts. I just want to know in general how often does it do it on its own in case I ever forget.


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I have the app on my Android phone, the backup does happen automatically.
I'm not sure what the exact schedule is, give it more time, like a day or two.

Ok that is good to know, I will keep waiting to test out how often it auto back ups! UPDATE: still not backing up after 3 days. I even added an account to see if it would trigger a backup.

I remember once I wanted to force it to backup just to try it out so i deleted the backup with the option in there and then i had the ability to backup from scratch, i guess that's an alternative to signing out/in :)
Hello that is what I have been doing, I delete back up and re-backup. It has been now 3 days for me since I added a 2FA account and still no automatic back up.

Could you try adding a fake account today and then noting if you ever get an automatic back up? you can just put random numbers as the seed