Microsoft 365 Non-profit Subscription - Where to get Windows 10 product key?

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I am an admin for a non-profit account. We have licenses for Microsoft 365, which includes Windows 10/11.  I am trying to install Windows 10 for a user on new hardware, but am stymied.


  • I successfully installed Windows using the media creation tool, but it defaulted to Windows Home, and I need to upgrade it to Pro.
  • I tried logging in from the newly installed device, with the registered user's Microsoft account, but it complains "That Microsoft Account doesn't exist".  In the admin portal I can clearly see that the account exists.  When I tried using that account at install time it said "You can't use a work or school address here".
  • I logged into the admin portal, as the organization admin, but cannot find anywhere to get a product key.

What do I need to do in order to get a product key for Windows 10 Pro?

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