Microsoft 365 Business Standard - How to Change Billing from Month-to-Month to Annual

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I would have thought that changing a license billing option from month to month to an annual subscription could be done by changing the billing frequency of the one license that I accidentally purchased as month to month, but that option is grayed out.


The other option I tried was to purchase an additional Microsoft 365 Business Standard license on the annual plan, then try to swap the license assignment and remove the unwanted month to month license, but that was another option unavailable to me.


Any insight into how I might correct this small problem would be greatly appreciated.

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To the support person who replied in a private email, your southeast Asia font choices are not helping me to resolve my issue, as the phone number you attempted to provide me, does not display properly when received in the United States.

Also, why you would send that as a direct email, versus actually replying to the request for information here, in the official forums, is a bit perplexing; but, perhaps that is because you’re trying to provide me with a support phone number, which, these days, are pieces of information that are so valuable, they must be actively hidden from your paying customers.

So, let’s try this again.

Please, provide me a working support phone number to call.

Thank you.