Micro delay when disabling Clutter


When I attempt to run my Powershell script against a little over 3400 accounts to disable Clutter, It never finishes because of "Micro delay applied"

My Powershell script is this:

$ClutterDis=Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Where-Object {(Get-Clutter -Identity $_.alias).IsEnabled -eq $true }

$ClutterDis |ForEach-Object {Set-Clutter -Identity $_.alias -Enable $false}


I found that a command of Invoke-Command can be used (ref https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/exchange/2015/11/02/running-powershell-cmdlets-for-large-numbers...)

But I do not know powershell enough to modify it to my command.

Can someone help me turn off Clutter?


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Hello @David Kamp,


Judging by the article you posted a delay in the Set- command should do it for you. Since you are not getting throttled on their data return, but rather your command, if i read the article right, you just need one quick modification.


Try the script you are running with this modification:

$ClutterDis=Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited |Where-Object {(Get-Clutter -Identity $_.alias).IsEnabled-eq $true }

$ClutterDis |ForEach-Object {Set-Clutter -Identity $_.alias -Enable $false Start-Sleep -milliseconds 500}


Give that a try!


I am trying that now, and will let you know the results as soon as the script finishes/errors.
Thank you very much!

It is getting a few Micro delays:

WARNING: Micro delay applied. Actual delayed: 11325 msecs, Enforced: True, Capped delay: 11325 msecs, Required: False,


The script is still running, just getting a few of the Micro delays.



You could try to add a slightly longer pause, maybe increase it to 100 over 50?


But if that is just showing up from time to time, I would expect the commands to have executed for you when it is finished, and you now be good to go.


Increasing the pause would just likely make it so you never see the warning (although it could also make it so that the script takes quite a bit longer to execute), so you are probably at a happy medium where you are at.


Let me know if it does work, but from your last post i expect you to be good to go!