Micrisoft Teams (or maybe Groups) breaks EXO Address Book Policy Segmentation Functionality

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I'm running into a strange problem with Exchange Online Address Book Policies.  There have been posts about preventing students from emailing faculty members, and similar situations, and using Address Book Policies to prevent that.


So consider the situation where I have a Faculty Group and a Student Group.  I've set up Address Book Policies for both groups, and applied them.  Fine.  Only Faculty appears in the Faculty members' address lists, and only Students appear in the Students' address lists.  That all works.


However... it seems that if we're using Microsoft Teams, Address Book Policies can be easily bypassed.


Consider the situation where a Microsoft Team exists, with a faculty person (or people) as the team owner, and students as team members.  When that happens, when such a team exists, the student can go to EXO, look at the student's own address record in the address book and - under the "Organization" tab on the student contact page - a link to the faculty person will appear.  The student can then click on that Faculty member's box, and then link directly to that Faculty member's contact card - showing email address and everything else - and that despite Address Book segmentation otherwise being in effect.  This is even possible when the faculty member is set to "Hide from Address Lists" in Microsoft 365 User Admin.


I've followed the procedures and verified that Address Book Segmentation is otherwise working perfectly - this seems to be something of a "back door" to let segmented users view the addresses of users in other address book segments, just because they happen to share a Team relationship.


Has anyone else encountered this?  Is there a way to prevent this?  Am I just confused?

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