messg spam from my office email to yahoo

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when i send a mesg from my office to yahoo , the message enter to inbox folder , then after 1min  or 2min , the message fall to junk folder , can someone help me with this , or explain to me what going on

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u can check ur all outlook settings. u can do more personalized stuff their.



I figure I'd chime in on this because yesterday, 5/18/22, I spent a good deal of time searching for anyone who was having this issue.


We started hearing from clients that our mail was being sent to their junk/spam folder. After an hour or so of test mails, I discovered that all mail sent to AOL and Yahoo from Office 365 (and I tested with several different tenants) was ending up in the recipient's Spam folder after a minute or so.


I don't know why this is happening, so I can't offer a fix- but it WAS happening as of 5/18/2022- in case someone else stumbles on this post.

This has consumed my entire week so far and I haven't been able to find enough other people reporting issues, but I'm hearing it from multiple 365 clients. It seems worst to Yahoo, but we are still seeing intermittent issues with email blocked to too.
I just spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft after opening a ticket (##‎31187061) and they looked over everything in our samples and just kept saying that it has to be a problem on the recipients side. They acknowledged that unless they are getting lots of tickets for problems with deliverability, it isn't going to get escalated to a team to really do anything about it.

Our users are complaining about emails to gmail/google today too.

The advice I got from the tech was to open a ticket and submit feedback through the feedback button in the admin portal for EACH tenant individually to try and raise awareness of an issue.

Hopefully anyone else coming across this who is having problems will take the time to open a ticket too!
just now i tried to send a message from my 365 account to yahoo server and it was automatically sent to SPAM folder instead of INBOX. before yahoo server and others can receive message from 365 account coz I also do some trial and error when we were given 365 accounts in our workfield. but recently I'm sending communications to other servers yet they cant received any only 365 accounts can....
mine is worst yahoo servers and other cant received any mails from my 365 account



The issue is still persisting. I've now submitted feedback from all six of my tenants as you suggested. I have also opened my own ticket (31201762) raising this issue. Hopefully we can get some resolution, or at least get some support traction soon.

Additionally, my users have made me aware this affects email being sent to Bell South addresses ( as well. Bell South uses Yahoo mail servers for its customers.
Any word from Microsoft or Yahoo? All of my clients who are set up in O365 are also experiencing this issue , when emailing AOL or Yahoo. All of them are set up with DMARC, SPF and DKIM DNS records.



I opened a ticket with Microsoft, and as others have stated- they can't do anything. I tried to get someone to push it up the engineering chain... maybe someone high enough at MS knows some contact at Yahoo- but that was a long shot.


Yahoo has no free support, you have to sign up for a subscription for any support request.  However, a colleague of mine did have a link to Yahoo's Sender Hub, which I believe is targeted at people trying to remove blacklisted domains from Yahoo blocks.


I entered a ticket here: under "Problems Delivering Mails" - I'd encourage you to do the same.  While I got something of a generic response that the issue was being investigated, "please try again in a few days," perhaps if enough people complain something actually might get done.

Same here all yahoo mail is going to spam from any domain under my E3 office 365 account. Open a ticket last week and still trying to resolve this. Good to see others are having the same issue. Hopefully microsoft can dig deeper into the issue




I paid for the Yahoo plus support for one month but they couldn't help - They just said to while-list the domain on my test yahoo account. I also filled out the form on Yahoo's Sender Hub ( ) but never heard back from them. 



What I can't understand is how this isn't a "bigger deal"?  Microsoft has hundreds of millions of corporate users and Yahoo/AOL still have millions of subscribers.  These are companies that do business direct with consumers communicate via email regularly.  Presumably Microsoft is hosting thousands of these companies, and Yahoo/AOL are hosting thousands of their customers. I heard of these issues relatively quickly from our (highly) non-technical users- multiple clients were telling our users that "I didn't respond to you, because all of your email is going to Spam." This is a significant business impact.


I am pretty sure its ALL Office 365/Exchange Online and ALL Yahoo/AOL. Microsoft support (out of India) sent email to brand new accounts we created in AOL and Yahoo- and they were moved very shortly to the Spam folder.


I've tested all sorts of email- they are all clean, valid SPF and DKIM... I've sent some encrypted, some not... all to Spam, every time.  I can't imagine this is not a systemic issue and is only isolated to a few of us. But then I can't imagine why I can't find any more complaints on "the Google."

Someone suggested to do a warmup for my inbox, but it looks like it a general issue that happened. so I don't thing warmup will help.



Just noticed that this is happening to us as well. It doesn't matter what is in the message. It just automatically goes to spam. Gmail is working without any issues.

We are experiencing the same issue. Emails from O365 to Yahoo\AOL are going to Spam. The issue started over a week ago.

We’ve setup a test yahoo account to confirm. We’ve opened a case with Microsoft and Yahoo’s sender forum. We’re waiting for feedback.
This is a widespread issue. We have it as well and I tested it on several different tenants. It seems to be related to the HELO/EHLO URL not being linked to the sender server IP address. At least this is what tests with glockapp are saying.
This is what I've seen using mail-tester tool as well. Multiple tenants going straight to spam for Yahoo. Spent an hour on the phone with Microsoft support, mostly finger pointing at the consumer services, but they are "looking into it"


I created a case with Yahoo and I received the following:



Hello David,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo Postmaster.

We understand that your mails are landing in our users spam folder. We'd like to help.

Recently you may have noticed an increase in mail going to the spam folder for senders using Office 365 and other Microsoft products. 

We are in the process of addressing this issue and expect it to improve over the next several days. Please have your recipients mark the mail in the spam folder as "not spam" or "ham" and that will help to correct the issue. 

Thanks for your patience. 

Yahoo Postmaster Team