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Hi experts i am using exchange hybrid environment. 

 1. one of my user wants count of emails received from Jan 2018 for one mailbox. Is it possible. 
 2. Another user wants email list received to mailbox, ie. sender email id, date and subject from jan2018 is it possible to export this report in exchange onprem and cloud


Will the below syntax work for me, i want to pull all emails with subjects, timestamp received on the users mailbox.


Exchange Onprem

Get-MailboxServer | get-messagetrackinglog -recipients -start "01/01/2018 00:00" -end "10/20/2018 23:59" | select MessageSubject,Timestamp,Eventid,Source,Sender,Recipients,SourceContext,MessageId,ServerHostname | Export-Csv C:\OnpremReport.csv -No


Get-MessageTrace -recipient -start "01/01/2018 00:00" -end "10/20/2018 23:59"| select Subject,Received,SenderAddress,RecipientAddress,MessageID,Status | Export-Csv C:\clouduser.csv -NoTypeInformation

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