Message Tracking outputting Data

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What's the most efficient way of outputting the Data strings from Message tracking?, is the case of splitting the array in powershell, or is there away of pulling this out in a report from the gui? or an api?


For example i'm able to pull out the info below but would like this in a bit more readable.


Message Trace ID : 
Message ID : 
Date : 
Event : 
Action :
Detail : 

Data : <root><MEP Name="RcptCount" Integer="5"/><MEP Name="SourceContext" String="CatContentConversion"/><MEP Name="SCL" Integer="-1"/><MEP
Name="SFV" String="NSPM"/><MEP Name="CIP" String=""/><MEP Name="CTRY" String="GB"/><MEP Name="H"
String="smtp....."/><MEP Name="List" Integer="1"/><MEP Name="ComponentCost" String="ETR6"/><MEP Name="ReturnPath"
String="Email address removed"/><MEP Name="Language" String="en"/><MEP Name="ClientName" String=""/><MEP Name="r"
Long="0"/><MEP Name="JournalType" String="tenant"/><MEP Name="JournalReason" String="ORIG"/><MEP Name="J
String="journal&gt;"/><MEP Name=""
String=""/><MEP Name="JournalRuleId" Guid=""/></root>


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