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Hi I am using exchange hybrid environment.


i am logged in as, i have set a outlook rule that when an email is received from it should forward to which log do i need to check on exchange that email has been forwarded to External user did not receive the mail so i want to know whether its outlook rule issue or someother issue.

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Hi Roger,

Have you checked the message trace in the Security and Compliance Centre?

Best, Chris
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And that is for Exchange Online. For Exchange Server as you have Hybrid but you don't say we're your mailbox is nor anything about your mail flow routing, you need to run Get-MessageTrackingLog against each server and using properties like Sender or MessageSubject. And it might be in the recipients quarantine as inbox rule forwarding, if not blocked as it really should be for your security, can result in SPF failures
Thanks Brian! Sorry had to dash when writing that message and totally forgot to come back to it! Hopefully they’ll find it on one side depending on how they’ve set up and how the mail is routing given what we’ve suggested. Thanks again!

Best, Chris

I am using exchange hybrid enviornment.

There is no bounceback message At exchange level there is no issues, i want to know whether outlook rule triggered or not. if outlook rule has triggered the mail should shud have been sent out and i want to check that log . how do i check that log i am not getting the right syntax to know mail has been sentout if not it could outlook rule issue. even i have deleted outlook rule and recreated it. outlook is always open on the computer

Hi Roger,

Thanks. I understand, you need to see if the Outlook rule triggered the mail to send to the recipient. The only way to do that is see if the mail actually sent and left successfully.

As you are in a hybrid environment, Brian and I have given you the locations on both ends to check if the email in question sent to the intended recipient successfully. If you can’t find them there or see any trace of it then it is likely that the Outlook rule did not work.

Best, Chris