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I get lot of incidents for calendar related and most are human errors. how can i get the below information from message trace.

Room Mailbox Settings: Booking requests for room mailboxes:
for most of the room mailboxes, below are booking request settings:Accept or decline booking requests automatically.
for few it is use customized setting to accept or decline booking requests.

1. Lets say when has sent a meeting request to RoomMailbox1 and meeting is either accepted or rejected.How can i do message trace to know whether the meeting was accepted or rejected. please help me with the syntax.

2. which meeting requests were accepted or rejected for user1 for one week for any room mailbox or from any user, is it possible to get this information.

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if you are using Office 365 portal and assuming all calendars are on cloud only then you can do it through message trace using ECP panel under mail flow.