message recall failure


one of my user is asking why her email message recall fail to work.

her email was sent to quite a number of recipents through distribution group.

she discovered that some recall failed as she received the recall failure message.

so she was asking why does it failed?


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Usually because they say no to the recall or the message has already been read when the recall request arrives it’ll show as failed.

There can be many reasons for that, for example the message was moved to a different folder. This article lists the expected behavior:


Recall is not something you should rely on, generally speaking. It only works for some very specific scenarios, so the users shouldn't have any expectations.

my user was thinking that there was some issue with the Recall feature in Outlook as she received the Message Recall Failure alert this morning when she opens her Outlook first thing in the morning


Interesting to read.

I had a situation where I sent an email to 5 recipients late a Sunday evening. Same organisation. No email lists or so.

A few minutes after I recalled it - choosing to replace by new email; took the orig one, change something a Little bit, hit Send.

I more or less immediately got a Recall Success email for one of These recipients (I think he had logged on earlier Sunday, i.e. Outlook was up and running, though was not online at the time).

The Monday after, I received Recall Failures for 3 recipients (not at the same time but spread out over 1.5 Hours). In at least one of the cases I know that the guy had just logged on - so this seems to have been triggering it. Also, that guy had not yet read any of the 2 emails in his Inbox (and no Rule that had moved them elsewhere).

Then, I finally got a Recall Success email from the last Person (upon loggin in, presumably).

What can be added is that there is an auto-restart early Sunday, so any one not logging in and Opening Outlook would have been completely offline at the time of the email (and the recall).

Also, all were remotely logged in via Citrix workforce.

Any clue, anyone?