Merge BP user with dynamics 365

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We have some users using dynamics 365 and the use as account. They also have BP licenses there they use as account. 


Is it possible to merge the dynamics license to the BP account without losing any settings?





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Whats BP?? :)

O365 Business Premium I'd guess? @martyboy are those in the same tenant or?

Hmm! Dyn365 utilize the AAD so I guess these they are in different instances! AFAIK i dont think its possible
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Hi @martyboy

I have seen and worked with this scenario more than once.

In short, if they are in two different accounts there is a process to move the Dynamics instance from one account to the other managed by Wipro on behalf of Microsoft. This is a lock stock move of the Dynamics instance and what you would essentially do is add the licences on top of the business premium users in that account, complete a mapping file and then Wipro move it. It takes all the permissions etc.

It’s referred to as a T2T migration and you start the process by emailing They give you all the instructions. Please note it can take them several days to respond.

If it is another scenario where the business premium users and Dynamics users are two sets of users on different domains in two subscriptions in the same account you would need to cease and reprovide one set of users on top of another and then move the data in the process. There is no automated tool to do to merge the users in that scenario.

Hope that answers your question,

Best, Chris
Thanks for excellent input Chris!!

@Vasil Michev 




Been out on easterhunt but yes they are on the same tenant!

Thanks for that response! Gonna check it out.