Meeting Room Statistics

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I was wondering if there is a way to get any type of statistics on our meeting rooms? We have a good number of conference room resources and would like to see some data that would show how one room is being booked more often than another. Are there any reports or Powershell commands that can be run to achieve this?

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I’ve seen a few powershell scripts out there, but can’t tell if they work, or work with ex online!
There are third party systems also doing this as well!

There are a uservoice for this too:


If you need just the "count" of meetings, you can do a Search-Mailbox query against the room mailboxes in question and tally the results. If you want a proper report with duration, participants and whatnot, the only way to get such is via EWS, and there's a sample code here:

@Vasil Michev  Is there any sample script for exchange online ?