Meeting requests sent to user are displayed in user's iPhone calendar app as well as delegate's mail

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We've set up a user as a calendar delegate for another user.  The non-delegate (we'll call them N) is an executive and does not want to receive meeting requests.


What is happening is when someone sends a meeting request to N, the delegate properly receives the request, but N's iPhone Calendar app pops up a meeting request notification as well.

The delegate should be the only one receiving this request.

N wants to continue to use the native iPhone Calendar app for all calendar notifications and not the Outlook app. (Otherwise this would be easy.)

Is there a way to prevent the N's iPhone from displaying this message?

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You should be able to control this via the "Deliver meeting requests addressed to me and responses to meeting requests where I am the organizer to" settings in Outlook, set it to "My delegates only".

@Vasil MichevHi Vasil,

It is already configured this way:

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.12.39 PM.png
I am beginning to think I might need to contact Apple about this.



Do that. Afaik, this setting basically configures a hidden rule which acts on the meeting requests, and it's likely that the Mail app has its own opinion on how to handle them...