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Hi Experts

1. One of my user is facing issue, in last one week 5 times his meeting invites got cancelled themselves. user has not cancelled the meetings, how do i troubleshoot this issue. below are the booking request settings.


2. One of my user(user1) when trying to book a calender invite with other user(user2), the scheduled appears to be grayed out and gives message "No information", however user2 is getting all invites and is able to accept and see his calander view.
So do i need to give user1 reviewer access to user2's calendars

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@Roger Roger 


Let the user only use OWA for the meantime. What I mean is disconnect all devices where his mailbox is logged in or connected.


If it is still happening, then we can assume that there is a problem on the mailbox itself.

If it does not, then there might be a conflict on how devices handles the information of the calendar. 


Things that you can try also to investigate the issue:

- Check it with CalCheck (Link)

- Exchange Online Management Shell -> Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration