Maybe the stupidest question ever...

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Hi there!


I'm putting up a file to be shareable amongst with my company, using Sharepoint application.


This file has functionalities (macros) that are not available online, forcing users to download it.


Here's my question:


- I have inserted instructions for download on the file using a toolbar that had "..." on the right up corner, where you would find "Download".




For some reason, this 'button' disapeared and it was replaced by this (share and comment buttons):




Also, I would see "Edit Workbook" instead of "Open in Excel".


Any hints on how can I go back to the original setting?


Thanks to ALL 


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This is because they changed default behavior on files to Edit mode by default.
However, if you want people to download the file, you can just bypass all of this by tagging on a ?download=1 or &download=1 to the end of your sharing link. And it will just download the file, instead of having to go through the steps of telling them to download it :).