Managing Office 365 Licensing

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I would like to know if the following way of managing Office 365 Business licenses is ok, and what do you think about it.

We have several subscriptions to Office 365 products, but the way they are assigned internally is quite particular.

Taking in account that the email server is self hosted and self managed, the process is:
A new Office 365 Business license is adquired using a generic user account, let's say
We then use the office1 user account to perform the 5 office installs on different machines. And after that we configure the email account within outlook with our server settings.

This obviously has its pros and cons, my question is , is this practice usual within the Office 365 community? Is it ok?

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If you are installing office on 5 machines used by different people and the same login then you are violating license agreement. Each user should have their own License per user, regardless if they share a machine etc.