Manage multiple O365 tenants using single AAD

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Hi, I have 3 domain - where  contoso has O365 , fabricam also has O365 and acmetoons has G-suite. Each domain has 100 users.


How can I bring all these 3 domain under one AAD and manage user policies using single admin account?

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Hi, you will need to decide which is the most logical of your two O365 tenants to migrate the other domains and accounts into.  Then I recommend using a third party tool such as BitTitan MigrationWiz to migrate the contents of the G-Suite environment and the other O365 tenant into your chosen target tenant.  


MigrationWiz will allow you to migrate not only your mailboxes, but also SharePoint/OneDrive/Teams content, and Google Drive content too.


I've completed many such migrations in this manner and had a very good experience.

@PeterRising   Thank you for your reply.  May be I framed my question wrongly. I don't want to migrate any of the 3 domains.


I only need 1 admin account in Azure AD through which I can apply policies using Intune, enable SSO which should get applied to all 3 domains( 2 Office365 domains & 1 G-Suite domain). Do you think it is possible?  Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. 



OK, so a further question then.   Are the two O365 domains in the same Microsoft tenant, or separate tenants?   If they are in the same tenant, then you should have no problem setting up Intune, SSSO, all that good stuff using a single Global Admin account.


G Suite is another matter entirely though.  If you want to manage your Suite domain in Azure AD, then that domain will have to be migrated into an M365 tenant.

@PeterRising  Thanks Peter. The 2 o365 domains are in different tenant. What are my options in this case?

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If you want to centrally administer those domains with a single global admin account, then both domains will need to be in the same tenant.

@PeterRising  Thank You Peter for your time.