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I created new group in exchange online admin center. We don´t have deployed exchange hybrid, we are using only exchange online. In that created group I added a owner. This owner somehow can´t modify  group members in outlook. Error mesage when owner try to add member to this group:


Changes to the public group membership cannot be saved. You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this operation on this object.


I found this group in O365 admin center and everything is okay owner is owner nothing wrong. Sync status is Cloud:





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Can he modify it via OWA? You can access the corresponding bits via the Options menu.

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@Vasil MichevNo but I found problem. I created O365 group not distribution list so as owner he doesn´t have right to edit O365 group because he is not administrator in O365 only basic user. Thank you.

Owners of O365 groups should be able to modify their membership though.

@Milan30  As @Vasil Michev  mentioned in his last comment, the Owner of the Group should be able to manage it through OWA and Outlook (if it isn't a Hybrid environment).


When you run get-unifiedgrouplink emailofgroup -linktype owner

does it show up the user over there 


2nd , if you try and add a new owner to the group, are they able to manage it in Outlook/OWA.


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Ankit Shukla


@ankit shuklaYes I was able do it in OWA. In desktop windows version I was unable to manage group. Thank you

@Milan30 Did you try updating Outlook Cache and download a fresh copy of address book after applying the changes ?

@ankit shukla Have you checked Milan, my last comment ?

@ankit shukla You said "the Owner of the Group should be able to manage it through OWA and Outlook (if it isn't a Hybrid environment)."


What if it is a hybrid environment though? Ours is, and I need to get this working. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.