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Hi O365 forums,


I have a client who has just migrated to the Office 365 platform and are Mac based. The company has a open policy with regard to sharing calendars. We've changed the default sharing policy for Calendars to allow for all staff to open each others calendars as delegates. While this works it also means that staff are inundated with email notifications each time an event is accepted/declined by their 'delegate'. I am looking for a way to either disable these notifications or perhaps find a better way to share calendars between staff. The company uses Apple Mail and Apple Calendar as it is their preferred platform.



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Do you need the feature of delegate? Why not just give read permissions to each others mailboxes?


/ Adam

Hi Adam,


We only wish to share calendars. It is my understanding that the default Busy/Free permission access to the staff calendars does not work with Outlook for Mac or Apple Calendar. To resolve this I elevated the permissions to Reviewer. This allows all staff to open each others calendars as delegates via the Apple Calendar app but since they are delegates they also receive every email notification regarding invites and meetings etc on behalf of the calendars they have accessed. I'm hoping to find a solution that will allow us to either disable these alerts or find another way to share staff calendars internally with all staff, without notifications. I appreciate any recommendations and advise.